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CSNET offers services suited for businesses of all sizes

IT Infrastructure services

Our different Infrastructure services includes:

Onsite or Remote Desktop Support: Our support desk is ready to access desktops computers to install or update software, troubleshoot issues and provide assistance quickly

Onsite or Remote Server support and maintenance: We assist you with server specifications, purchase, and Installation. Allow your business to reduce down time by using a professional server support service to troubleshoot issues and resolve them timeously.

Patch Management: It is important to keep all systems and applications up to date, to help protect your data asset. This can also reduce downtime. Our team can efficiently manage all your patching requirements.

Network Management: Network cabling, switches, routers, Firewalls, Wireless Access Point, Internet connectivity, VPN etc … forms the backbone of your IT infrastructure. Your network needs careful design, professional implementation and support. We have partnered with market leaders to bring to you the most efficient and secure network and connectivity solutions.

Cloud backup: You have the choice to backup your information to on-premise storage ,cloud storage, or both.We manage and monitor the entire process.

Azure Cloud services

The Microsoft® Azure cloud Platform has grown substantially to support a variety of services. The services include suitable solutions for all sizes of businesses. The Azure platform allows any business to be able to deploy infrastructure or services and scale it very quickly making it accessible anywhere.

Our cloud service includes the following.

Azure cloud hosting: Host your different applications, services and servers on the reputable and secure Microsoft Azure platform; And access them from anywhere in the world with no downtime, full redundancy, instant backups and professional support.

Azure Hybrid: We help you plan and implement your hybrid cloud strategy, to spread your workload between your on-premise and cloud.

Azure Migration: Ready to migrate to the cloud? We assist you in all aspects of planning and executing your migration project.

Cloud based backup service

Our cloud based backup service enables businesses to backup their data reliably and securely to the cloud. The solution allows you to backup different types of loads: Files, Computers(windows, linux, MAC OS), VMs, Office365, Google Workspace, etc. It also supports local backups.

Anti-Virus protection

We assist our clients

Identify Anti-Virus needs for Desktops computers, Mobile devices and Servers.

Licensing of different Anti-Virus solutions

Deployment and remote monitoring of Anti-Virus as per clients requirement.

We offer a range of cloud and on-premise Anti-Virus solutions to meet specific needs.


It is important to know the health status of your different systems or services. Monitoring your different services allows your business to take action as soon as there is possible service interruption or degradation. We offer monitoring as a managed service.

Software development and database development.

our services include :

Performance based design and normalization of SQL databases

Report design

Application development

SharePoint solutions development.

Web based database Application development

Bulk SMS Notification integration to your applications

Website hosting, Website and Graphic Design

We design Business Cards, letterheads, logos, Email Signature, flyers etc.

Domain Name registration,

Website Maintenance

Wordpress website design,

Dedicated and Shared web hosting service,

Website security

CSNET Shared web hosting is great for static websites, database-driven content management, and custom applications

Get Wordpress, Joomla, Prestashop etc . Installed with a single click

All hosting plans include Cpanel Access, PHP, MySQL, FTP, Webmail, Softaculous, etc.

Business email solution

Emails have become a very important means of communication for businesses. But it has been targeted by criminals as a means to launch cyber attacks, destroy data, and steal business critical information. It is important that your email system offers up to date tools to protect your business. We provide licensing, implementation, migration and management services for Office 365 and Google Workspace


Voice over IP offers good quality calls and allows businesses to cut their telephone bills. We offer a variety of voice over IP services for small to medium businesses:

Voice over IP hardware:( Handset, VoIP phones, conference phones, wireless phones etc.)

Number porting:transfer of your existing telephone number, or numbers, from your current service provider to us.

VoIP Lines to save cost.

Hosted Switchboard (PBX) Solution,

VoIP SIP Trunk,


Hardware and Software

Service Long Description: We assist you in the procurement of software licenses from different vendors.

We also supply different Hardware solutions:

Dell and HP servers,

Branded Business Desktops, Laptops, Monitors, LED TVs and Printers,

Various computer components such as processor, memory, motherboard, hard drives, Graphics cards, fans, computer cases etc .

Laptop batteries,

Network devices such as switches, routers, firewalls, wireless access points etc.

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